2021 Leo District 4-C4

Election Campaign & Results

Election Results: (04/29/2021)

Dear all,

Our election poll has been closed promptly at 11pm on Wednesday 4/28.

8 of the 11 active clubs participated in the elections. Randomly generated unique voting #s and the election ballot were sent out to 14 Leo club delegates. We have received 13 votes by the deadline. Thank you to all club delegates!

Voting results:

-- Leo Andy Xu received 7 votes. Leo Amelia Kratzer received 6.

-- 100% of the delegates consent to having the runner-up be the Leo District Vice President.

Since we only have 2 nominees for the District President position and there is a clear winner who received the majority of the votes, there is no need for the run-off election meeting, originally scheduled for all delegates to attend tonight (Thur 4/29). I will be cancelling the scheduled meeting right after this email.

Congratulations to Leo Andy Xu for becoming the Leo District President Elect!

Congratulations to Leo Amelia Kratzer for becoming the Leo District Vice President Elect!

Your term will start on July 1, 2021.

We will invite all Leo club officers, delegates, Leo Advisors and Lions District Officials to our next Leo district meeting, on Th 5/6 (7-8pm) to congratulate Leo Andy & Leo Amelia and have our Leo District President Elect and Vice President Elect give a short speech. Leo Andy will also announce his Leo District Secretary & Treasurer picks at the meeting.

On that note, we currently have 1 candidate self nominated for the Secretary position, and 1 candidate for the Treasurer position. If anyone else is interested in those 2 positions, please send an email to me, Leo Andy and Lion Nina as soon as possible. All Secretary & Treasurer candidates please contact Leo Andy to arrange for a phone conversation (before 5/4) for him to get to know you better so as to help him decide on who to appoint.

Thank you everyone for all the hard work getting the election successfully completed!

I have attached screenshots of the election ballot and results. Everything will also be posted on the election page on the district website.


Angela Li

Leo District 4-C4 President

President / Vice President Candidates:

(listed in alphabetical order of their first names)

Amelia Kratzer (Menlo-Atherton Leo Club VP)


Hi, I’m Amelia Kratzer, a sophomore and the current Vice President of the Menlo-Atherton High School Leo Club. I have been involved with the Lions Clubs International since I was in 6th grade! One of my best accomplishments includes helping create the district-wide Veterans Virtual Giving Tree. This year, we donated 40 gifts to the Veterans for the holidays in the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP). Except for this year due to the pandemic, we have had the privilege of delivering the gifts with cookies and milk in person, celebrating with the Veterans at the Menlo Park VA Center. Another program I am proud of is a weekly STEM Summer Program for kids to do science experiments and arts and crafts via Zoom during Covid-19. I have been attending all of the District meetings to stay up-to-date with their programs. I am excited to continue my service with the Leo District Board.

Leo club endorsement:

Leo Amelia Kratzer is the current Vice President FY 2020-2021 and Incoming President FY 2021-2022 for M-A High School Leo Club and is currently of eligible age to serve as Leo and Leo District Officer per her Leo application on file.

Sponsoring Lions Club endorsement:

On behalf of the officers and members for the Peninsula Veterans Lions Club, we are proud to announce the unanimous endorsement of the candidacy of Leo Amelia Kratzer for the office of President of the District 4-C4 Leo District for Leo Year 2021-2022.

Leo Amelia currently holds the position of Vice President for Leo Year 2020-2021. As Vice President, Amelia developed the Summer Tutoring / STEM project for local elementary school students in the midst of a global pandemic. Amelia and her team of Leos arranged for this project to engage students virtually. In total, 20 students from three different schools were reached through this project. This project was later adopted by the Leo District which was expanded to other Leo Clubs. Additionally, she has held the position of Veteran’s Coordinator. As the VA Coordinator Amelia and MA Leos engaged Veteran’s from the local Menlo Park HVRP Program during the holidays in baking and decorating holiday cookies. This was very well received by the Veterans and helped add some joy to their stay in the program during the holidays. Amelia has been a valuable asset to the MA Leo Club and has followed in her sister’s footsteps as a great leader in the MA Leo Club and would most definitely bring a wealth of leadership skills to the Leo District as President.

As the M-A High School Leo Advisor and sponsoring club, we are extremely proud of Amelia’s accomplishments in her two years as Leo member, Vice President and Veterans’ Coordinator and the outstanding projects she has developed. Her love for kids and engaging them in reading and learning about the STEM project are extraordinary skills for this young leader. We are proud to endorse Amelia Kratzer as President for Leo District 4-C4.

In Lionism,

Lion Marta Loewen

PVLC Secretary

Andy Xu (Quantum Auxilia Leo Club VP, Leo District Secretary)

Personal Statement

Hi everyone! My name is Andy Xu, and I am running to be your Leo District 4-C4 President.

Our next district president will need to lead us in the transition back to in-person volunteer events as Covid-19 restrictions loosen while also deciding how to continue with our current online/remote activities. New challenges will be inevitable. Now more than ever, we need someone who is experienced.

That’s why I’m running. Over the past two terms, I have served as a district officer, first on the Board of Directors and now as the Secretary. I helped organize all of our current district volunteer events, from supply drives to online tutoring. I have equally participated in them, hosting movie nights and tutoring kids every week for more than a year. I have consistently attended the district meetings; as the secretary, I recorded meeting minutes and emailed them to all the Leo Clubs. I also regularly update the website. Additionally, I currently serve as the Vice President of Quantum Auxilia and was the charter secretary, organizing many service events like fruit drives, virtual concerts, and more.

With my experience, I fully understand how our district runs, everything that we have done so far, and how we communicate. I am capable of efficiently and productively leading our district as we move forward.

But that’s not all – I have goals for the future, and I will take action. Being a district officer has provided me with many opportunities to connect with members in our local communities. For example, I have kept contact with an organization called RAFT, a non-profit which provides low-cost educational materials to students around the Bay Area. I also worked with local elementary schools to put together previous district events that helped their students. As the Leo District President, I look forward to being able to expand our district’s participation with these organizations. I also can’t wait to hear about all of your ideas, and all the ways you and your Leo clubs have helped your communities. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at andyxuca@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and consideration. Vote Andy Xu for District President!




Leo District 4-C4

  • Positions held:

    • Secretary 2020-2021

    • Board of Directors 2019-2020

  • Helped organize all current district events: Leo Tutors ‘n Care (Online Tutoring), Storytime with Leos, Craft Nights, Movie Night, Supply Drives, Cards for Seniors, Leadership Symposium

  • Recorded meeting minutes for every meeting as the secretary, emailed them out to 11 Leo clubs, and updated the district website

  • Movie Night with Leos -- Planned and hosted the movie night, organized signup forms and spreadsheets, reached out to elementary and middle school teachers, coordinated parents and Leo volunteers

  • Leo Tutors ‘n Care Program -- Tutored kids weekly in our online tutoring program for more than a year (started at the beginning of pandemic)

  • Made Webex tutorial for online tutoring program

  • “Storytime with Leos” Program -- Recorded videos of myself reading books for children, uploaded to our district’s Youtube channel

Quantum Auxilia Leo Club

  • Positions held:

    • Vice President 2020-2021

    • Charter Secretary 2018-2020

  • ReadWithKids program: Taught young kids vocabulary and reading in person at local learning center in our club’s weekly teaching program

  • Volunteered and sorted food at Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Helped organize and participated in Fruit Sale Fundraiser for VMC NICU Premature Babies

  • Volunteered at 5th Annual Fun & Sports with Friends, leading activities for kids with special needs

  • Sung “We are the World” for Virtual Thanksgiving Benefit Concert during COVID

  • Assisted Leo Presidents in organizing club events

  • Brain stormed for new project ideas

  • Recorded meeting minutes (during my terms as Secretary)


To Leo District 4-C4 Election Committee,

Andy Xu is Quantum Auxilia Leo Club’s Vice President for the current term. He will be the club President for the next term. Being the Charter Secretary of the club, he has been with our leo club since the very beginning.

Andy has also been an outstanding Secretary to the Leo District. Never missed a district meeting and always provided detailed meeting minutes, helped maintain the district website, as well as researching for potential district projects.

He enthusiastically participated in club and district projects and events. He works well with Leos in our club as well as district officers. Never hesitate to step up whenever help is needed. He is also a great tutor in both in-person and online Leo tutoring programs.

Dedicated, passionate and responsible, Andy has been a major contributor to our leo club, as well as to the Leo district. He has the endorsement and full support from both Quantum Auxilia Leo Club and the sponsor San Mateo Metro Lions Club.

(Andy is currently a Junior in Monta Vista High School, and will not exceed the max age for Alpha Leo during the next Lion year.)


Nina Tang Joanna Jia

Leo Advisor, Quantum Auxilia Leo Club President, San Mateo Metro Lions Club

Leo District Advisor, District 4-C4 joannajia99@yahoo.com

Director, San Mateo Metro Lions Club


C: 408-464-6502

Secretary Candidates:

Brian Wen (Millbrae Leo Club VP)

Note: Leo Brian has changed to run for Leo District Secretary instead of President/VP.

Who am I?

While I was born and raised in the city of Millbrae, I attend Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, a high school in San Francisco. I have been a part of the Millbrae Leos Club for the past 5 years (since 7th grade) and have spent many weekends volunteering at events such as Crab Feeds, Dinner set-ups, city-wide clean-ups, and holiday-related activities. Although these events have long been a staple of Leos activities, I intend to bring about the types of new projects that would better leverage the talent and potential of all the Leos within District 4-C4. I believe that the Leos have the capacity and personnel to tackle more meaningful projects that would generate significant positive community impact, in addition to attaining greater individual fulfillment.


Plastic Recycling/Bench Project

Coordinated with TREX, Safeway, the City of Millbrae government, and the entire Millbrae community to collect over 750 pounds of plastic in just over 8 weeks. Plastic collected will be repurposed into Millbrae park benches.

Involved with the project since inception. Helped lead every plastic sorting event and mentored a younger generation to groom future Leos.

Millbrae ARC

Member of the Millbrae Anti-Racist Coalition, which recently garnered national acclaim and awards for partnering with local government in taking action against the racial injustices in society. Millbrae ARC was recognized by

the National League of Cities for standing in solidarity with those groups who are systemically oppressed and discriminated against.

SI Varsity Soccer and Varsity Rowing

During this COVID school year, soccer and rowing seasons are now overlapping which requires efficient time management in conjunction with a great work ethic in order to succeed in both sports as well as maintaining academic excellence (Current GPA: 4.83).

SI Student Council

Member of Junior Class Council as Clubs Manager and elected to Senior Class Council. Utilized communication, management, and delegation skills to successfully organize events such as Junior Prom and incoming Freshman orientations.

Social Media Educator

Created a channel that in just one year (COVID-19), has generated over 400,000 followers on TikTok, and is dedicated to teaching students how to solve math problems on the SAT. Have received 3.6 million ‘likes’ from students and educators around the world.

Peer-Tutoring Program

Founded a peer-tutoring server on the app DISCORD that allows students at SI to connect with each other (regardless of class) for help on topics they don’t understand. Over 100 students are participants and over 10 teachers are on the server as well. Addresses the problem of students who couldn’t make teacher office hours and still needed help. The next phase would be to connect with SI’s partnered middle school.


Dear Leo’s Election Committee,

On behalf of the Millbrae Leo’s Club, I am pleased to provide my formal endorsement of currently serving Leo’s Vice President Brian Wen in my capacity as Leo’s Advisor, for any/all District 4-C4 Leo office/board positions in the coming elections.

Please find accompanying evidence of Leo Brian’s age and confirmation of his position as currently-serving Vice Presidency of this club.

Leo Brian has impressed me since we first met with his maturity, commitment, and demeanor. He has proven to be resourceful and skilled in his role as a leader of the Millbrae Leo’s. Leo Brian works equally well with our local politicians, local business leaders, all the Millbrae Lions he has come in contact with, his peers, and the younger members of the Millbrae community.

He has demonstrated a willingness to engage in Social Activism, as evidenced by his participation in racial justice initiatives, as well as an amazingly successful math tutoring program that he launched on social media.

I endorse Leo Brian without reservation, I am confident he will make an excellent officer/board member of the Leo’s 4-C4 district.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, happy to provide any additional insight/background that may be useful.

Sincerely yours in Lionism,

Michael Kelly

Millbrae Lions / Millbrae Leo’s Advisor

(650) 504-1029


Wayne Lee

President, Millbrae Lions Club

(415) 515-8814


Treasurer Candidates:

Alyssa Chew (Leo District Director)

I am Alyssa Chew and I am currently a Junior and this is my 4th year being a part of the Leos organization. I am from the Millbrae Leos Club and in the past, I have served as the webmaster and historian for the Millbrae Leos club and currently, I am a director on the Leos District 4-C4 board. I have participated in many Leos activities, from helping out at the Millbrae Machines Car show to introducing guest speakers at the Leos Symposium. I have also helped plan Leos events and activities which include the Holiday cards to the elderly and the Leos Leadership Symposium, which were both conducted district-wide this past year.

The years that I have been in the Leos Club have taught me so much, and I really want to give back and become more involved with the organization, so I have decided to run for the position of being the District Treasurer. I hope that being District Treasurer will allow me to help out more people and give back to the organization even more by becoming a leader to younger Leos. I hope that I will be able to serve the Leos District next year by becoming the District Treasurer.

This is the link to my video:




*** Election Campaign Mtg -- Meet the Candidates! (Video Recording & Photos) ***

Leo District Election for Term 2021-2022 (dates):

    • Election Date: Thur April 29, 7-8 pm

    • Nominations deadline: Sun Mar 28, 11pm ===> extended to Sun Apr 4th, 11pm (for Leo Club VPs).

Leo District President / Vice President Candidates, please submit:

        • bio -- state your achievements in your leo club and / or leo district

        • photo

        • Leo club endorsement

          • (Leo Club Advisor, please provide proof for candidate's qualifications -- full term as president, and age verification)

        • sponsor Lions club endorsement (if you are running for President or VP)

After the submission deadline, all candidates' info will be posted on the election page for everyone to review.

We will schedule an Election Campaign meeting (Zoom, date: TBD) for each candidate to give a short campaign speech, max 5 minutes. The Electin Campaign meeting will be video recorded and posted on the election web page for the whole district to see. This will help the club delegates to decide on who to cast their votes for. Date will be decided after we receive the nominations.

Leo District Secretary / Treasurer Candidates, please submit:

        • bio -- state your achievements in your leo club and / or leo district

        • photo

        • self introduction video -- for the Presidential candidates to get to know you.

Per discussions during the Leo District Meeting on 3/25/2021, we are also going to accept nomination & self nominations for Leo District Secretary & Treasurer positions. Even though they won't be on the ballot to be voted on, it will provide info to the future Leo District President to help in deciding who to appoint for those positions.

Election Details (Approved by Constitution & Bylaws Committee)

    • Leo District Constitution & Bylaws

    • We will vote for just Presdient & Vice President:

        • President & Vice President Qualifications: (according to the constitution & bylaws)

          1. Be an active member in good standing of recognized Leo club in good standing in her/his single or sub-district.

          2. Have served, or will have served at the time he/she takes office as Leo district president, as President or Vice President of a Leo club for a full term or major portion thereof.

          3. Secure the endorsement of the:

            • (a) Leo club of which the nominee is a member; and

            • (b) Sponsoring Lions club.

          4. Will not reach an age one year greater than the maximum age limit during their term in office. (i.e. less than 19 yrs old before 7/1/2022)

        • Secretary, Treasurer & other officers will be appointed by the Newly Elected Leo District President. Qualifications:

          1. Be an active member in good standing of recognized Leo club in good standing in her/his single or sub-district.

          2. Have served, or will have served as a Leo District Officer or a Leo Club Officer for a full term or major portion thereof.

          3. Will not reach an age one year greater than the maximum age limit during their term in office. (i.e. less than 19 yrs old before 7/1/2022)

        • Additional board directors:

          1. All leo club presidents (for year 2021-2022) wil have a seat on the Leo District Board, if their leo club is in good standing with LCI. Or if the president cannot attend the district meetings, they can pick a club designated delegate for the meetings they will miss.

    • Current District officers who are leaving after this term: Angela, Sophie, Melanie, Amelia Wu.

    • Deligation votes

      • All leo members in good standing with LCI and their club and joined BEFORE 07/01/2020 will be included toward the deligation vote calculation for that Leo club.

      • 10 club members in good standing = 1 deligate vote for that club

      • Exact wording from constitution: " Each recognized Leo club in good standing in the district shall be entled to one vong delegate for each ten members of the club in good standing or major fracon thereof. The major fracon referred to in this secon shall be /ve or more members."

      • Here are some example demostrating what this means:

        • 1 vote for 4-14 members

        • 2 votes for 15-24 members

        • ...

        • eg: if there were 26 member before 7/1, and there are no changes to member counts this year, the Leo club will have 3 votes. But if 4 of them left the club and 8 new members joined, there are only 22 elegable members, and the club will have 2 votes.

      • After club membership info have been brought up to date (must be done by 3/31), we will get the club member count from LCI, calculate the deligation votes for each active Leo club, and notify the Leo Club President & Advisors on April 1st.

      • Each Leo Club's Advisor &/or President will then provide the Leo District with the name and contact info of the list of Delegates for your club, by April 8th. The Leo district will then send detailed voting instructions to the delegates. Only the delegates who show up at the Election are eligable to vote at the Leo District Election.

    • Please Update Lions' MyLCI System (by 3/31)

        • Leo Club Advisors, Presidents, Secretaries, please make sure all of your Leo club members are entered into MyCLI system, and their JOIN DATE must reflect their original application date or somewhere close to that. Before or after 7/1/2020 makes a difference.

    • How the election voting will be conducted

      • According to the constitution: "A vote may be cast only by a delegate present in person at the time of voting and no delegate may cast more than one vote on any question." Considering we are still in the middle of a pandemic, we have ruled out in-person and paper ballot voting.

      • The main election voting will be done via Google Form.

      • To preserve anonymity, each Delegate will be sent a personal voting code. Each voting code will be long randomly generated code.

      • Each delegate will cast his/her vote by 11pm on Wed April 28.

      • On the Election Ballot Google Form, it will ask for the voter's voting code, along with their answers for each election question. No name nor email will be asked. Only the code assigner and the delegate will know who received the code.

      • The Election Ballot Google Form will be closed promptly at 11pm on Wed April 28.

      • The results will be exported as a Google Sheet. Validations of the voting codes will be performed. Entries with Invalid codes will be thrown out. Delegates can change their answers. The last answer will be kept, all earlier votes will be thrown out. Final results will be posted on Leo District's Election page on April 1st. Delegates can check to see that their votes have been correctly counted.

      • If there is a clear winner for President & VP, the Zoom mtg on Th April 29th will just be announcing the election results.

      • If, however, a runoff election is needed (please see the Leo District Constitution for the scenario), then ALL DELEGATES MUST ATTEND THE April 29th's Election Mtg to vote "in-person" for the runoff election. So please take that into consideration when you pick your delegates. We can use Zoom's Poll feature (Leo Lion August will help us run the Zoom Polls) to cast anonymous votes until we reach a clear conclusion on who the next President and VP will be.

      • Final Election results will be posted on the Leo District website on April 30th.