How to Add New Leo Members

How to add a new Leo member to your club:

If you have multiple officer titles, please click on "Select a differnt title" to pick the Leo Club Advisor /Leo Club President / Leo Club Secretary title for the correct leo club.

My Leo Club ==> Members

On Members page, click on Add Member ==> New Member

Complete the form, click on SAVE.


The process is NOT complete until you have confirmed that you have received the Parental Consents.

After the Add Member page has been Saved. Go to My Leo Club ==> Parental Consents.

The page should show the new member you just added. with a blue "APPROVE" button to the right.

(If the Parental Consents page doe not show the newly added member, wait a couple minutes then reload the page. The system takes a while for the new member to show up.)

Since Leo Alpha members are all minors, we must obtain the parental signature on the 2nd page of the Leo Application form. Only click on "Approve" if you have received the parental signature.

Click on the "APPROVE" button to complete the process.