Story Time With Leos

Leo District 4-C4 Program

501(c), Tax Deductible.

Our "Story Time with Leos" program is targeted towards young kids are not able to read by themselves or just starting to learn how to read.

Leos will record themselves reading age-appropriate books and we will upload those videos to our Leo District YouTube channel at:

If you are interested in participating in the "Story Time with Leos" Program, please sign up here:

You can update your video to the shared folder listed in the sign-up form. When the video is finished being edited/in the process of being edited, it will be removed from the folder.

Alternatively, you can upload your video to your own Google Drive, then share the file with Leo Angela will edit the video and upload to the YouTube channel.

Please also provide a short paragraph describing the story you read. The short summary will help parents and kids select which story to listen to.